Georgia Association of Genetic Counselors (GAGC)

The Georgia Association of Genetic Counselors was founded in 2013 to promote the interests of genetic counselors and genetics professionals in the state of Georgia.

Our mission is to:

  • increase access to genetics professionals within Georgia
  • increase the visibility of our profession
  • encourage collaboration among genetic counselors in Georgia who wish to take action on issues relevant to our profession
  • encourage professional growth and continuing education
  • provide a centralized location for information specific to the provision of genetics services in Georgia

The GAGC Board of Directors includes the following genetic counselors serving two year terms.

  • Charlotte Peinhardt, MS, CGC, President
  • Lisa Oakes, MS, CGC, President-Elect
  • Heather Clark, MS, CGC, Immediate Past-President
  • Eileen Barr, MS, CGC, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Hailey Dennis, MMSc, CGC, Conference Director
  • Laura Davids, MMSc, CGC, Committee Director

The Board of Directors can be contacted by sending an email to:

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